Friday, October 9, 2015


Wait, he meant to say unbiased right?

No, as a massive Star Wars fan this game, for me, will always be approximately 25% better than what it truly is. So take this with a massive grain of salt. I wanna prefix all the following by stating the fact that I've played every game mode at least 5 times, including the Survival game mode in Missions. Let's talk core mechanics and graphics. As expected, the gun mechanics feel very satisfying and true to what the saga has led us to believe. Lighting and textures were as good as expected, nothing I personally give too much credit for as I value game design and mechanics more. The addition of a 3rd person perspective was something that I really appreciate the more I play. It adds a whole new dimension to the game, and its nicely executed. Now let's talk customization and load out options. In the beta you can choose one of 4 blasters and other various cards. Wait, what the fuck are cards? "Cards" are "power ups" you can set on either one of your "hands" and use them in-game. They abide by a certain cool-down, something that makes the game much better in my honest opinion. Say you have a thermal grenade equipped, you use it once, wait 10 second and then use it again. This might have to be balanced in the future but as of now I think its nice having something else to play with after 5 minutes of spawn than your blaster. I haven't checked out all the power ups yet, but I think I got to fiddle around with all the cool ones. The jet pack is a nice way to get away from enemies and advance quickly on enemy location, but it feels very mechanic and uncontrollable. The Cycle Rifle is awesome. I fell in love with it the first time I laid eyes upon it. It's basically a long range sniper rifle with good damage and accuracy, it also works with a cool-down (one shot every X seconds available). Its great when you are playing big map scenarios like the one in planet Hoth, but I'll talk more about that later. Even though I had only access to 4 blasters, it seemed like I was getting my fair share of variety. One is an automatic pistol, quick to use/rushing and great with 3rd person. Another blaster is a heavy machine gun looking thing that rains pain on all fronts. High rate of fire, versatile and with a high damage output, no zoom-in scope though. You can also customize your character but that is not available in the beta.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Avengers Age of Ultron | Honest Raw Review [HRR]

So the premiere of the new Avengers film took place last night in Greece and I was fortunate enough to attend it. Marvel did a fantastic enough job with the trailers to hype me up to the point of no return, so going into the theatre, I was pretty pumped. Before I go into detail I just want to answer a couple straight forward questions that will quickly relieve people that don't want to read my whole review:

1) Was it fun? Hell yeah!
2) Should I go and watch it? Are you a fan of the series? Definitely go and check it out!
3) Was it the best thing in all of Marvel's superhero existence? Nah.

Now that we got that out of the way, let us go a bit more in-depth. The trailers to begin with did an amazing job delivering the epicness and bad-assery of the film and Ultron specifically. He seemed like a truly brilliant, murder-thirsty AI with a really bad-ass look. Though once you skip the 40 minute mark in the movie you start realising that that's just not true any more. The movie took a turn for both the best and the worst towards the end. Ultron's character drastically changed from a well-organized AI extinction machine to a more human-like character. He felt alone when no one stood by him, he made funny quirky remarks most of the time, and in general, resembled more of a very smart humanoid villain rather than a product of artificial intelligence. I can see how many people were disappointed by this, but to be completely honest, I loved it. The tied the fact that he was acting more like a human rather than AI to the fact that he is so advanced he can achieve the level oh advanced human emotion etc. Though I have to admit that towards the end defeating Ultron seemed a little trivial with the whole comedic aspect flailing about. But what can I say, I love Marvel because their films are not serious all the time. I mean for heaven's sake there are superheroes flying about how serious can you get? The jokes the characters were cracking were awesome and probably the best parts of the movie itself. Even though it got kinda silly when at supposed serious moments of the film. I think the best Marvel movie for joke balance is Guardians of the Galaxy. They kept it serious when it needed to be. Age of Ultron seemed a little funky and misplaced at times due to the many aspects they had to cover for the next couple of movies to make sense. Sometimes it felt like it was constantly setting grounds for the next movies to step on and not really paying attention to itself.

In summary, awesome and funny, but sometimes it needs to be a grown-up.


Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Battlefield Hardline Campaign Rant

Lets put the multiplayer aside for a second and lets talk about Hardline's story mode. To get you in the mood, it's absolute shit. Like, really, REALLY SHIT. Let me get the only thing that I think is good  about it out of the way first, it feels different from any other Battlefield campaign, and I think that's a good thing when your story is way different than any previous ones. Solid gun mechanics and satisfying sound effects make for a nice firefight here and there, but other than that, Hardline's story-line is a nonsensical, dumb, super-corny, linear piece of shit.
     You play as officer Nick Mendoza caught up in Miami's fierce drug war. With your delightful partner, Khai. Hmmm, what is the motto of every police force? Something along the lines of, I don't know, "To Protect and to Serve"? Well, if you think you're gonna be doing any of that in Hardline you are wildly mistaken. You can freeze enemies with your cool badge here and there, but other than that, you can blast away and kill every motherfucker in the building, making you feel like the robber and not like the cop. Don't worry though, officer Mendoza will make the corniest fucking joke once in a while to lighten up the mood. For Christ's sake, I though I was listening to lines borrowed from 90's sitcoms and cop films. Dialogue was DREADFUL in this game. Another moment in the game were you are reminded of what shit you're playing is when you drive a car, it's awful, it feels like you're only supposed to step on the gas and relax while explosions and all kinds of different shit happen all around you. Your cop or robber buddies in the game always talk to your character like they are talking to you, as a gamer. They always say stuff like: "Whole lotta dudes there, we can take them like this, like that, or head on", here you go brain-dead gamer, if you are not smart enough to figure simple shit like that on your own, have this guy talk you through it and you can just shoot some guns and freeze some bad guys!
     Apart from nice gun mechanics and pretty graphics, this campaign of Battlefield Hardline is absolute shit. If you want to play the multiplayer so bad, willing to pay full price for it, go ahead. Just keep in mind you are getting nothing other than that.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


What other topic is more beaten to death than this one? Pc or Mac? Everybody get your pitchforks and torches out and throw them out the fucking window. I'm not here to stir up drama, but to state facts and personal opinions.
Everything has its pros and cons, well, almost everything. When it comes to tech though, everything is a pretty acceptable answer. Now we need to categorize this decision making process of which platform is superior. "Which one should I buy?", if this question is asked vaguely, please slap that person very hard in the face. If the question is more shaped like: "Which one should I buy if I want to do this...", then you're allowed to give them a proper answer without exerting violence.

The winner is pretty clear here, but let me keep you in suspense for a couple lines more. Let's face it, buying a PC is always more affordable. Truth is, you can build a Windows PC for way less money than buying a Mac Pro. You can build it yourself, pick out the parts and even put them together yourself, it's really not that hard!  Now you may say, "Hey you Mac hating douchebag! What if I don't want your shitty Windows OS?", don't worry I got you covered! You can build a Hackintosh computer pretty easily with a little bit of research. Quickly, for those of you who don't know what a Hackintosh is, It's essentially a custom built PC with Mac OS. You just have to be a little picky with your part-picking, but in the end of the day, you'll have a computer as strong as a Mac Pro, and as cheap as a PC! [Click here if you are interested]

In this sector, the fight is more level. Mac laptops, Macbooks, are of course overpriced, but certainly quality devices. Since you can't really easily build a laptop as you can build a desktop computer, if you want to go Windows, you'll have to choose a pre-built one. Don't fret! There are thousands of options out there, with hundreds of companies providing you with multiple laptops to choose from. Like Asus, HP, Dell, Toshiba, Lenovo e.t.c. But when it comes to Mac laptops you have a small variety of powerful, beautifully designed, overpriced machines. To get a Macbook worth getting, you'll have to pay about 1000 bucks plus. When you can get the same horsepower for a better deal.

Operating System
Windows or Mac OS? If you are looking to game, grab Windows and get outta here! If you are looking for a stable working environment that doesn't deteriorate after time, grab Mac OS and get outta here! If you are looking for a combination of both, too bad there is no OS that you can game on that is as stable as Mac OS. You don't want to format your computer every one or two years so it can run as good as the first day you installed Windows on it? Go Mac OS. Do you want to game and have more customization in your life? Go Windows. As simple as that. Don't try and make gaming work on Mac people, at least not yet.

Hey, in the end, it's all about preference and what you want to do with your system. Want to do video/photo editing, surf the web, play a few games on a very stable clean OS? Buy a Mac, preferably a Macbook, no, scratch that, definitely a Macbook. Do you want a full gaming experience and everything to be optimized for your platform? Buy a PC, just a tip, build your own.
On the off chance that you liked this article, let me know what you think down below, including why I should die for being a Windows loving fagg or whatnot. Thanks for reading people!